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Exceeding Expectations

Our goal on every project is not limited to on time and on budget delivery; we are committed to exceed our clients’ expectations. We add genuine value to projects by leveraging our experience and knowledge from our talented team. On each project we appoint dedicated team leaders who think like owners, champion the project and guide its progress.

When others say it cannot be done, we deliver.

Customized infrastructure solutions

Kaizen Investments provides value to its clients by providing customized construction solutions that exceed client expectations, in all infrastructure projects.

Kaizen Investments  Services

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Management Contracting
  • Design and Build
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Development Management
  • Project Financing (PPP)

Kaizen Investments team plans, manages and controls all resources in every stage of any infrastructure development.

  • Costs Planning
  • Time Planning
  • Risk assessment and control
  • Project design
  • Management of licences and authorisations
  • Management of construction works
  • Commissioning

Construction Services

Our construction services are designed to protect the interests of our client, eliminating the usual conflicts between parts of a project, reducing costs, ensuring deadlines and obtaining excellent results in the execution of their building projects.

Getting a project completed on time and within the estimated budget, without unexpected surprised, as was initially conceived by the property and with the best quality is our main objective, whatever our level of participation in the project is.

Project Management

Project management gives Kaizen Investments the maximum opportunity to positively influence the outcome of a client’s project by injecting our experience and knowledge at the earliest planning stages.

The earlier we are involved in the major decisions that shape a project, the more we can contribute to cost, time and quality factors during the construction programme. Usually, we become an extension of the client’s organization for the purpose of directing a project.

Project Management and Main Contractor role

When Kaizen Investments manages and delivers construction projects in an integrated Project Manager / Main Contractor basis, some of the activities we carry out in this role are:

  • Manage the delivery of the final design
  • Procure and appoint specialist trade contractors
  • Programme the works
  • Manage and incorporate tenant requirements in the design and delivery
  • Control, manage and review costs on an ongoing basis
  • Engage in value engineering exercises for shell and core and tenant works
  • Control and manage quality and environment
  • Control and manage safety
  • Manage all site activities and co-ordinate interfaces between specialist sub-contractors
  • Commission building systems
  • Deliver the project in accordance with our time, budget and quality obligations

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